Friday, December 26, 2008

I didn't like/missed/was perturbed by ...

Doza, accidently pissed him off. Said wrong thing, all my fault.

I listened to ...
Coldplay... I used to rule the world, seas will rise when I gave the word.... woof.

My flat is ...
not my flat any more.

We ate ... that was really yummy!
have given up on food... only eat cheese and shakes these days.
have you ever read something that absolutely changed your life? I did recently. It fucking freaked me out. I have never read a treatise on law and morals which spun me around and actually turned me inside out. We all know my morals aren't up to scratch really - but seriously, this shocked me, made me feel sick, pushed me down and then kicked me. scraped flesh off my bones actually.
And after that it warmed me, bathed me in words, rebuilt and refreshed me.
Thank you Helen Garner,
I had no idea what Consolation really meant till now. What a beautiful piece of writing.