Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I haven't blogged for quite a while. I have been a bit busy! 2009 Year of Ox or Cow. Well, I feel like a beast of burden thats for sure!
Life so far in 2009 has been really intense. So far this year I have: -
1. Moved out of my old house
2. Moved into storage and a friends house
3. Almost bought a flat in Glebe
4. Been disappointed by not buying flat in Glebe
5. Started post grad uni course in creative writing at UTS
6. Almost bought a flat in Cremorne.
7. been really annoyed at crap estate agents who by devious means ensured that I didn't by flat in Cremorne
8. Bought a flat in Pyrmont at MCentral 2 - http://www.mcentral.com.au/
9. had My Fair Lady tour to NZ which I had to organise from a distance
10. Mostly moved into flat in Pyrmont
11. Had a show open in Melbourne
12. been to festival - yay me!
13. made a wedding dress for a lovely mate

Still to come before mid-year : -
14. move stuff out of storage
15. go to Melbourne with my mum to see Wicked
16. Hand in 5 assignments to complete uni semester 1
17. Go to Taipei for 6 weeks to put on Carmen

I am feeling a bit tired and really, I suppose its not a surprise. I have a week off next week to get all my stuff out of storage and do some uni work and I can't wait!

So if I'm busy, and you think I am ignoring you, I really am not. I don't mean to be so busy - my body just seems to need to function that way. I have to say, in the last 12 weeks I've felt happier then I have in about the last year and a half. It gets a bit tireing to constantly apologise for my lack of time. You get sick of being accused of being a terrible thoughtless friend. I really don't mean to come across that way. I have to say that my true lovely friends always seem to understand. I know I haven't been around much, but they always seem to make the most of the time I am there. I love them all the more for never reproaching my unavailability. This acceptance makes me all the more keen to try and carve out time for them. You know who you are - you rock and I love you! I am going to try hard to blog more to keep in touch a bit better. I promise not to cross the blog-crazy line though!

Oh, and I still want a puppy. Lucky that my mum got one called Barney who I can cuddle and walk and pretend is mine. Pictures to follow soon! xxxxx

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