Monday, July 6, 2009

Horse couture!

I'm back to traditional Jimmy blog slackness.
Of course - Its show week. We have been on stage for about a week now. I have been living in a basement for 5 weeks and I am starting to feel a bit like the phantom of the opera. Maybe I should buy a mask?

So I speak only pigeon english now. Not so good. My crew great - but have to talk slow. All time. Very difficult. We make all quick change! Very good.

Welcome to my new and wonderful world. The other reason for the slackness is that I have finally found a local! YAY! The source bar - or "websters" because it is owned by a drunk man called webster who has an aussie friend called Chris who teaches us chinese words and gambling.

Techies have arrived so more work, more drinking and gambling and less sleeping.

Oh, and I had to make a costume for a horse. hilarious!

Me too tired and feeble to write more and have to go back into work. Final dress rehearsal tonight so fingers crossed the girls will get it! I will post more soon with pics. xxx

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