Thursday, July 16, 2009

home again home again jiggety jig

YAY! am home. And cold - mmmm nice cold.

I got very slack at posting over the last 2 weeks of Taipei life - we went into production week and all of a sudden there was no time in my life and frocks, carmen, techies, beer, karaoke, vodka and plane trip home.

The shows went amazingly well all things considered. We blitzed opening night and then went on to party like rock stars - big hair, paparazzi and much Taiwan Beer to be had.

On Sunday we finished our fourth show (all this work for 4 shows!!!!!) and moved straight into Bump out mode. We rocked through it in 7 hours and my girls learned a new english phrase : - "in the box!"

Monday I slept lots, went down to the theatre to watch the boys pack the containers, had coffee with Theresa (wigs) and her assistant Minnie, then shopping for cute Taiwanese clothes and back to the hotel to prepare for Karaoke madness with my crew. I got all glammed up and waited for Linda in the foyer where she collected me and we taxied to "Sing-a-song" - a karaoke joint near francis's place. Fortunately none of us had a student card so it was 4 hours of karaoke rather then 6. Pink turned up with masks and hats and I got to perfect my Taiwan Karaoke Princess look. I also got bruises from my tambourine.

I left karaoke (complete with princess hat) to join my aussie colleagues for dinner. Then in a fit of madness I invited everyone to my hotel room for more partying.

Follow Vodka, craziness, partying and AN EARTHQUAKE on level 15 of the Taipei Garden Hotel.
Finally fell asleep before the sun came up.

Tuesday was spent sleeping, wandering around the city, eating japanese food and then packing - my bag = 2 beer pack out.
Then more beer, bus to airport, more beer and dumplings, and finally boarding plane.
Then Todd kicked my butt at Trivial Pursuit and I finally slept all the way home to Sydney.

YAY for home to Sydney!
So so glad to be home - cuddles from family, puppies, cheese and wine, crust pizza, snuggle under bear rug.
Life is happy :)


Quatrefoil said...

Yay! Welcome back. There's some particularly vibrant tartan silk for a certain Scotish corset when you're ready.

JD said...

Welcome home!