Monday, June 8, 2009

First day at big school

Got to theatre at 9. 6 people have dropped out so replaced by new people. Costumes arrived at 12. My assistant Linda (not her chinese name) took me to funky vegetarian for lunch - upstairs above the vegetarian health food shop. Was brave - ordered something that i couldn't read the name of!
Back to theatre - Fittings arrived at 2. 7 chorus and 5 actors later and my feet hurt. I still can't speak chinese. Seemed to go ok though, as well as I expected. Debriefed late this evening with Matt, Sue and Ben over a tin of Heineiken in Sue's hotel room. First rehearsal was chaos. Can only get better from here! Now its late and my air con sounds like its breathing. Sleep for me soon.....

Will write of last night's amusing experiences (temple to brothel in 5 minutes) tomorrow when hopefully I will not be so broken!
Oh. And used gym this morning! I am legend.....

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