Thursday, June 11, 2009

Retail therapy

Its day 5. Its been a long one. We had a late start at 10 but we didn't finish fitting till 8.30. We had 9 chorus and 1 principal today and other then one total nightmare it all went well. My assistant Linda is really gorgeous. She went out and bought me noodles for lunch and then taught me how to say "boobs" in chinese (which unfortunately I have now forgotten). I have more call to use the word "boobs" then you might think. Teaching modest Taiwanese women to hoik their breasts into a corset is pretty entertaining (and quite difficult!).

After a long long day in the workroom I decided to go and buy some comfy shoes. I have finally surcumbed and bought myself some yellow Crocs. I think Crocs look damn stupid so I have never gone there, but unfortunately my feet are now so fucking sore that I can hardly stand up, so I figured i better go for the comfiest option. Which appears to be aformentioned Crocs. I caught the metro train straight from work to Ximen station (we have nicknamed it X-men) which is where all the funky young thangs go to lurk in the street and giggle and buy shoes apparently. It turns out that it was the first time I had ventured out at night on my own (in particular, without Matt or Ben). Turns out I am more conspicuous then I previously thought. I have been going out for dinner and walking around every night thinking that no one noticed that I am western and blonde in a town where NOONE is western and blonde. Apparently they do notice but are too polite to react when I am accompanied by men. On my own they do not feel the need to be so polite. I have been told tonight (in a shoe store no less) that I have beautiful eyes. In another store the sales assistant went out to try and find me the shoes I wanted from another shop. On the walk back to the metro a large group of older men actually pointed and made odd animal grunting noises. Hmmmm. Maybe will stay close to Matt and Ben in the future!

That said, Taipei feels like a very safe city (other then the scooter danger that awaits you every time you cross the road). I haven't really felt uneasy yet. But then, i have always been with people. So I shopped for about 2 hours. 3 pairs of shoes and a camera later, I came home to the hotel to find a very cute apology waiting for me.

So goodnight. I'm off to eat my fruit xxxx

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