Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party world!

In the last day or two the vibe has changed in the workroom. New people have come in and people are interacting differently. Now that there are 7 people other then me, obviously they speak a lot more Chinese then they did when there were just 4 or 5 of us. Because I am able to understand when they speak in Chinese, I have no idea why the vibe is changing, I can just feel that it is. People tend to move off more into little groups and I can sense that one of my favourite girls, Elaine, is feeling a bit left out in the group now. She is quieter and keeps to herself more.

I am quite fascinated, but also getting a little more bored. As there are more of them, they make less effort to speak to me in English, which I completely understand. Linda, Elaine and Vivianne still make a big effort but the others are a little more likely to just talk amongst themselves. I have noticed more gossiping in groups and it is fascinating to see how people behave when the circle is widened. It will be interesting next week when we have 15 people including Linda and I.

Unfortunately, right now, it is getting a bit dull sitting a listening to people speaking and only being able to guess what they are talking about. It feels a bit like being an alien! I suppose in many ways I am. I am starting to crave conversation.

Its Matt (the Director)’s birthday today. We had cake for breakfast in the hotel and all the local principals joined us for the buffet. It was nice to have everyone there at once. There seemed to be hundreds of people but I would guess there was about 25. He was presented with heaps of great gifts, especially from the locals, and a few amusing ones from the Aussies - especially beautiful was a tight hot pink long sleeved t-shirt. It was a bit tight but Richard (Don Jose - American) and I were particularly amused that the colour actually suited him.

Tonight the plan is to go to Party World! Hooray! I have been dying to go there since I arrived almost 3 weeks ago. It is a huge 12 story number near Ximen with the words “Party World” emblazoned across it. What is inside? I could only wonder! Lots of escalators. Not many people. Turns out Karaoke is in there. I wait with baited breath to find out if the whole building is karaoke. That would be hilarious. We are meeting after rehearsal at 9. I am excited - it feels like a long time since I have done something fun!

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