Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Water water everywhere...

I just had a flood in my hotel room. At 11.45 pm. I was brushing my tooths and the tap fell off in my hand. Well you can imagine what happened next! Think firehydrant on tv when a car drives into it and thats pretty much what my bathroom looked like. I was wrapped in a towel so I figured I might as well try and fix it - that or leave it and run for help naked. So I wrangled with the damn tap for about 3 minutes till I worked out that there was no fucking way that the tap was going to screw back in. Expecially since the water was still coming out. So I decided to call for help. DIAL 5!
Chinese receptionist guy listens and says "ok no problem". I wait. And wait. And wait. I call for help again. "ok no problem". I wait - in the meantime the bathroom has a fucking waterfall running through it. I try again. "There is a huge flood in the bathroom and its REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD". The guy turns up with a towel to fix it. "REALLY REALLY BAD" I say. He looks at it and goes "Oh" and leaves again.
5 minutes later 4 guys and a plumber arrive. What a mission! I managed to get dressed somewhere in the middle so as not to shock their delicate sensibilites. They are not so good with blondes around here, let alone naked ones!

Other then that, my 4th day in Taipei involved - breakfast buffet, arrival of americans Todd and Richard, vegetarian dumpling gift from linda my assistant, fittings fittings fittings, fittings, fittings, fittings, fittings, fittings, dinner with sue and ben in noodle house in university district, an orgasm (cocktail not the real thing!) train trip home, train trip back on wrong train, train trip home again, cold shower to wash off humidity, FLOOD!


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JD said...

No one will ever say that your days aren't eventful!

glad to read you arrived safely!