Sunday, June 14, 2009

When the world reminds us that we are alive....

Yesterday I went out all on my lonesome and decided to go up Taipei 101 - currently the worlds tallest building (with the worlds fastest elevator). It was very very cool. I caught the metro and then a free shuttle bus. The ground floors are a big blingy shopping mall with lots of designer shops (fabulous sweetie) which I couldn't afford to buy anything from obviously. So I ate ice cream and wandered about.
Then I caught the super dooper elevator to the 91st floor - 5 to 91 in 25 seconds. The lights went out and the roof lit up like constellations. Hilarious. I think it was to take your mind off the fact you were going up really really fast.
When i got to the top the view was fabbo...

The very cool thing about Taipei 101 as opposed to other really tall buildings (ie. Empire State) is that nothing else in this city is anywhere near as tall. There are hardly any other sky scrapers at all! You feel like the whole world is at your feet. I walked around for a while feeling pretty happy with myself for being up so damn high and sent some postcards (I love sending postcards from dumb places). Then they announced that the outside level above was closing in 15 minutes due to the weather (!). I hadn't noticed anything particularly about the weather so I went up (with everyone else) and it was definately starting to get a bit wild. Then this happened: -

My pulse was racing, and I had that excited feeling you get at the pit of your stomach when something good/big/exciting/important is going to happen. I always think of it as the Kerouac "...the too big world vaulting me..." feeling.
I love the shot of adrenaline that comes from being reminded that the world is a fucking amazing place and I am so so lucky to be allowed to play in it.

On a lighter note, today I had to go to work and fit 12 boys into their Carmen costumes. The first one came in and looked like he was about to cry! I felt like I was torturing Taiwanese children. He looked so unhappy I had to laugh. Out loud! After the third one I got them to come in in pairs. They were happier after that. Apparently there is a Taiwanese childrens story about a witch who eats the ears and fingers of children when they are asleep. The girls said we were like that witch. I felt very mean!

On an even lighter note, my crocs went down well at work. They said "you look cute like duck".
The cool building in the background with the red roof is our theatre.

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